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I am Evi Michailidou and with my wonderful team, we’ve created Fashiulous, an online lifestyle magazine, about fashion, beauty and all things pretty!  more


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Makeup Storage

Makeup Storage

Skincare at 20,30,40

Skincare at 20,30,40

Woman to Man transformation

Woman to Man transformation

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Fashion, Beauty, Deco and all things pretty!

Fashiulous has been created for modern and stylish people who are looking for inspiration and a boost to change anything they don’t like in their lives. Beauty, fashion, art, food, trends, blogs…and lots more are in Fashiulous and they will change your routine.

Our magazine is constantly under development and its team is growing. People full of energy and enthusiasm about fashion and beauty, are parts of our team and work hard for the best possible result! Some of them are professionals and happily share their knowledge with us and others non-professional they give us their joy and passion for fashion and beauty subjects! We’re glad to have them on our team and we admire each one of them for different reasons!

Meet them below!


a fashiulous way of promotion

Fashiulous started as a stylish online lifestyle magazine and has now become the place where 12,000 stylish -in any way- people per month, visit for inspiration and a boost to change anything they don’t like in their lives! They learn about beauty techniques and products, fashion news and tips, healthy and/or yummy food ideas, DIY projects and much more!

This makes Fashiulous the perfect place to showcase your brand and products, because our audience already knows you (or needs to know you), loves your products and want to know about your latest launches!

There are so many and so flexible ways to promote your business through Fashiulous, with advertising packages available, starting from as low as €95!

Download/View our Media Kit here

Ready to have your brand lusted over by our shopaholic audience? Get in touch now by contacting:

Evi Michailidou on

What our readers say about us

  • Reading your site a wonderful smell of bubblegum come to me with all those beautiful pictures that make me want to read what you have to say!

    GiotaA reader
  • I really enjoy the variety of your subjects, the way you present them and the products you suggest!

    KaterinaA reader
  • I love your European “air”!

    EfiA reader
  • You completely cover every woman, whether she evolves a lot with fashion or not! Whether she likes makeup, fashion, decoration!

    Maria-KonstantinaA reader
  • I enjoy how organised you are, your subject’s presentation and the whole website and as well the variety of subjects you publish from fashion to decoration (I loved the article about the candle holder you recently published!), everything is beautiful!

    ChrisanthiA reader
  • Your video tutorials are really helpful! You do a great job and we hope you will continue to! Take care!

    MariaA reader
  • Everything is wonderful, from the name, to every single article!

    OlgaA reader
  • I like first of all, you girls! You’ve filled the place with beauty tips, makeup tutorials etc so the reason for someone to “stick with Fashiulous” is you and the energy you have! Plus you are always updated, you respond quickly in our every message and answer to our every question in the best possible way! Love you!

    ElsaA reader
  • Your site is easy to read, interesting and very informative. The products you present are gorgeous!

    GiannaA reader

Fashiulous & You




Fashiulous welcomes your news, events and also your creations! If you are evolved with fashion (photography, modelling, makeup, hairstyling, styling) and you create fashion photo shootings, prepare a preview of your work and e-mail it at press @! We can also post your fashion and beauty articles!



Do you want to be the face of our next editorial or video? Send us your photographs (a head-to-toe and a portrait) and contact info at press @, and we will contact you as soon as a concept of ours fits you!



If you are part of a fashion or beauty company, don’t forget to regularly sent us your press releases! Even it is about an event of yours, your newest products or any other new your company would like to share, we’d love to know it and mention it!  Don’t forget to add relevant photos/pictures that will make the publication more appealing! It’s advertising and it’s free! 


Get Featured

Bloggers here, there and around… But we want the best… Wait, you are one of the best, right? You could be Featured in our column! We ask a few questions, you answer and provide some photos… That’s it! We give back links (always!!) to your blog and Social pages and everyone goes home happy! What do you think? Of course you want it! Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Share your thoughts

You’ll say “That’s what I’m doing when blogging!”, well you’re right, but we mean share your thoughts with our audience (and eventually get some new readers! 😉 ) From time to time we create collaborative articles from different bloggers, discussing a subject. Would you like to be part of it sometime? We do give back links (as always…) to any link you ask us to, and show a picture of your logo, or screenshot of your blog’s header. Doesn’t it seem nice?

E-mail us your post and pictures at blogs @, and we will contact you with more information!



We are always open to suggestions and new ideas! Do you have one? We’d love to hear it! Contact us today!


For any inquiries contact us at  

info @

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